Aigner S/S 2017 Ad Campaign

a26b4f485e5f440dbe71e0df1c30b24a 290d2706fcccf158388690151f59e880 111e0cc17302c99c431f1aa36e0d17c3 e7df2b82512c6eb4d7d98bb1be3660a9 3f74b1c4c9d46ba070c747d1837a1bd6 7c74d0abdf3e0e08588ed94c35559cd2 0161565e96d2ab99a92f1713ee04dfe9



Photographer:- Terry Tsiolis

Hair Stylist:- Shon (Hyungsun Ju)

Makeup Artist:- Stefanie Willmann

Fashion Stylist:- Isabelle Kountoure

Creative Director:- Nick Stasch

Art Director:- Mischa Bakman

Models:- Toni Garrn, Estelle Yves, Anastasia Ivanova & Emma Xie



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