Agent Provocateur S/S 2017 Ad Campaign

a73be2ab2695326748592821e2f4affb 8e5f958fdc6c943fb8f4ae7803731372 a307a827d0c489cf788f23280bf9ac1d 73ff42eeadc519b95da05815f8fb2347 1dd7b41e679862568638b8ba6f36b3eb 04891aa5e87653364668028cef2b553e b9c18abe9d8003b64a977d6ddbaf0f06 41a59afc193a0e8b16382f626c111cf5 dd6f4069dbd6bcb4190b89c6ab88c65d


Photographer:- Mario Sorrenti

Hair Stylist:- James Pecis

Makeup Artist:- Lisa Butler

Art Director:- Christopher Simmonds

Model:- Andreea Diaconu

Agent Provocateur


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