01_boat_lazer_op_084_02_2 1 03_boat_kaftan_048_03
3 05_boat_coral_op_023_02 07_beach_snake_bead_060_04 09_villa_openkaftan_yellow_037_03 09_villa_openkaftan_yellow_126_02_04 10_villa_maxi_snake_042_03 12_villa_beaded_op_012_04_2 14_villa_blackmesh_bikini_054_02 15_villa_tropical_double_005_06_2 15_villa_tropical_double_041_01_2 15_villa_tropical_double_096_06 16_villa_blackmesh_double_038_04 17_villa_black_kaftan_002_04 17_villa_black_kaftan_083_02 screen_shot_2016-08-26_at_08.28.46_copy


Photographer:- Petra van Raaij

Hair & Makeup Artist:- Janine Pritschow

Models:- Marija Piskac & Charissa du Plessis

Eva Rae


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